My TV screen is cracked/broken, suffered impact damage, can it be repaired?

Short answer NO, It could but The cost of a new screen regardless of its size, does not make the repair cost effective as they are £££'s, it would be cheaper for you to buy a new TV!, your only option is to claim on your house or contents insurance if you have accident cover, should they ask for a written engineers report then we can provide you with this at a fixed fee of £55.00, and this will be refundable from most insurance company's.

Do you Charge a Estimate fee?

I charge an inspection / diagnostic fee up front £25.00 (£45.00 for OLED TV's), this covers my time spent fault finding the problem and also includes the collection and return of your TV, this is taken off the total repair cost if you go ahead with the repair.

How much will it cost to repair my TV?

Cost of repair will depend on a few things, like Make, Model and the fault you have, for a better idea of cost please contact me with these details, but normally most TV repairs are more cost effective than you think, 98% of time even a 50 in TV repair will cost less than £100. Have a look at my price guide or just give me a ring with your model number.

My screen has gone dark or has a blue tint on the image.

All LED TV's can suffer with backlight faults, the symptom's you will have when they fail will be either sound but no picture (although the image is still there you just cant see it as the lights have gone out behind the screen), darker image or dark patches on the image, or a blue tint to the image, on some makes the set will shut down and give a error code, normally one continuous red flash on Panasonic's, or  6 red flashes on a Sony's. The most reliable way to repair this fault is to replaced the complete backlight array (all the led strips), this is normally a much more cost effective solution then buying a new TV.

What guarantee do you give on repairs?

All repairs have a 3 month warranty (6 month on backlight repairs) on the parts fitted as this is what manufactures give on new parts.

How long will the repair take?

This can depend on the fault, a straight forward fault is normally repaired and back within a week, intermittent faults can take longer to find and also require longer soak testing before return, so repairs can take between 5-10 working days depending on work load.

Do you repair the TV at my home?

Normally repairs are done in our workshop as we have everything we need to carry out repairs all setup, but some faults depending on the model can be repaired in your home, just contact us with the model number to find out.